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History of MKG North Martial Arts

MKG North was founded on July 10, 2013 by head instructor Peter Kwong. Peter has been involved with the martial arts for over 35 years. Earlier arts include Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate, Tae kwon Do, Chinese Kenpo, Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wing Chun. After receiving 2nd degree black belt from Chuan Lu Boxing Society and 2nd degree black belt from Kenpo Self Defense System, he discovered Rick Faye's Minnesota Kali Group International in 1989. As a student, Peter excelled in many of the arts offered by Sifu Rick...Kali, Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, grappling, etc. He is currently studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Luiz Claudio in Schaumburg, Ill. and Kuntao Silat under Master Maul Mornie (Suffian Silat Bela Diri) of Brunei. He is certified to teach under Sifu Rick Faye (Level 3), Guro Dan Inosanto (Senior Associate Instructor), the late- Pendekar Herman Suwanda (Jagabaya Satu) and Ibu Rita Suwanda (Jagabaya Dua).

The MKG training methods developed by the world- renowned Sifu Rick Faye are considered the finest in the world.

Our core curriculum encompasses martial arts from around the world: Thailand ( Muay Thai), China (Jeet Kune Do/ Jun Fan Gung Fu), Indonesia, Malaysia (Silat), Brazil (Jiu Jitsu), Philippines (Kali) and more.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in other martial arts or a competitive athlete with a desire to improve your attributes or simply curious about martial arts, you will find it in our weekly classes.

The MKG environment is uniquely conducive to the martial artist's development experience. Challenge your intellect, relieve your stress, and discover a new art form.

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