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Ballistic Joint Locking $30


Have you ever wondered if it is possible to control uncooperative persons using non-lethal techniques?

Now an informative video that examines an entire spectrum of joint locking techniques and training drills. This Ballistic Joint Locking session will offer students a more reasonable and practical look at the art of locking!

A great worshop taught at the Minnesota Kali Group by Guro Peter Kwong! Peter's insight and expertise combine with his teaching skill to make this DVD a must own for your video library!




Peter Kwong Pencak Silat $35

Silat DVD

For the first time on DVD, Peter Kwong certified Jagabaya of Mande Muda Silat, shares his experience in these exotic striking and grappling arts. Pencak Silat, or Silat is the martial art of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and all of Southeast Asia.

This video covers stretching, warm up drills, sweep position drills, Hari-Mau hand drills, and empty hand techniques from various Silat systems. Peter Kwong's knowledge base and skill as both a practitioner and instructor are evident throughout this DVD. His instructorship in Silat is in Mande Mude Penjack Silat first under Pa Herman Suwanda and currently under Ibu Rita Suwanda. Filmed on location at the Minnesota Kali Group.